About Me

  Jakarta, Indonesia


  [email protected]


After almost 6 years in public sector consulting, I decided to join Xendit, an impact-focused FinTech startup focused on making payments and transfers easy and simple. We're looking for more Honey Badgers to join us.

I originally came to Indonesia in April 2015 to lead a tech team for an Australian aid program focused poverty reduction & economic development, manged by Abt Associates Australia. If you're looking for a career in international development, check them out.

Before that, I lived in Boston and DC doing technology consulting for US government health agencies (HHS) and USAID programs. Through the latter, I had the opportunity to work with health ministries in Africa and the Caribbean, and gained an appreciation for building ICT solutions in low-resource settings.

I'm a fan of user-centered design principles, hypothesis testing, data-driven decision making, and turning raw data into intuitive and actionable intelligence. I believe that attention is becoming the scarcest resource on our planet, so we need new approaches to filter through all the knowledge out there. This has led to some interests in data extraction (web/document scraping), visualization (BI), mining unstructured information (NLP/NER), network visualization, and machine learning.

My free time is filled with reading, exploring Asia, nerding out, and hanging out with good people. My current interests are behavioral psychology, renewable energy, data science, and genealogy.