Mining WhatsApp for Language Learning

  20 Sep 2015

I recently moved to Indonesia and am slowly learning the local language, Bahasa Indonesia. I’ve been learning a bit from a tutor, but when I try to use the sentences and words in conversation, my local friends tell me that the style I’m using is too formal and not how people naturally talk. I also noticed a lot of slang/informal words in Bahasa-speaking WhatsApp groups I’ve been added to.

I thought that if I could learn the 20% of words that make up 80%-ish of the conversation, perhaps my overall comprehension could improve a bit faster. So I put together a python script to create a CSV export of most common words and explain how to use it here. If you’re on a Mac, you already have Python. If you have Windows, you might need to install Python first.

  1. In WhatsApp on your phone, go into a group chat and press the menu button. Tap More > Email chat > Without Media, and email the chat to yourself.

  2. Download the .txt file to your computer. In my case, this was “WhatsApp Chat with Open Data Club.txt”. I renamed it to WhatsApp.txt for simplicity.

  3. Download this Python script and save it in the same folder as your WhatsApp chat.

  4. Open up a terminal in that folder and type python WhatsApp.txt, where WhatsApp.txt is the name of the text file with the conversation. Within a few seconds, you should see ‘wa-word-count.csv’ created in that same folder. That’s your list!

  5. To bulk translate the words, I opened the csv in Google Docs and added a ‘Translation’ column that uses the =GOOGLETRANSLATE formula to bulk translate every word. This is maybe only about 95% accurate, but it’s a great start to review with a native speaker.

Translating words in Google Sheets

By default, this exports a CSV with the count of all words. If you want to limit to the top 100 words, you can do that by python WhatsApp.txt 100.

If anyone has suggestions for improving the code/process, please submit a pull request or let me know in the comments!

Thanks to my friend and former colleague @_couper for the push to post this!